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  • How will The Pottio Box help me?
    The Pottio Box is all about making the lives of pet parents more convenient when it comes to potty time! In fact, the idea for The Pottio Box was conceived by the founders when their own busy schedules made it difficult to come home and walk the dogs at the same time each day. The guilt of thinking about their poor, furry babies waiting to go potty led to them to create a useful, convenient and eco-friendly solution for dog owners everywhere! You’ll find that The Pottio Box is a perfect solution for: 1. Housetraining a puppy 2. Apartment residents that don’t have the luxury of a backyard 3. Busy professionals that can’t always make it home at the same time 4. Senior dogs with incontinence and/or arthritis 5. Avoiding the late night walk in the cold/rain/snow 6. Pet parents tired of the smell and maintenance from artificial grass 7. Homeowners that want to have a dog run on the side of the house in order to protect their grassy backyard
  • Why is real grass better than synthetic grass?
    For a couple different reasons. Despite the claims of manufacturers, dog’s will not instinctively use synthetic grass unless it is sprayed with a chemical urine substitute. The chemicals are harsh and your dog is exposed to them with each use. The Pottio Box experience could not be more different. Dogs use the grass instinctively, often without training, because of the real grass and earth odors. Furthermore, there are no harsh chemicals of any kind present in the grass. It’s also less work! Synthetic grass systems, have drip trays and catch basins that fill with pet urine. You must empty and wash them regularly to get rid of the bacteria and odor. Who wants to do that? With The Pottio Box, urine is absorbed by the grass and broken down by the natural and harmless microbes found in grass. You must remove solids just like you would on a walk or with a synthetic system. Under normal use, the grass will eventually saturate and need to be thrown away after 1-2 weeks (varies by frequency of use and size and number of dogs). And, of course The Pottio Box is MUCH better for the environment!
  • What size Pottio boxes do you sell?
    We have 3 sizes Pottio Boxes. For smaller dogs/ pets (up to 25lbs) we offer the Small Pottio Box which is 14”x18”. For larger or multiple dogs/ pets, we offer the Large Pottio Boxwhich is 36"x24". This size is also great for dogs/pets that like to circle and find just the right spot to potty on! Pottio Boxes are sold here:
  • What do you suggest I pick up the dog waste with?
    We suggest the Earth Rated® Unscented Bags that we sell on our site found here! These Earth Rated® dog waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! Earth Rated® products are the industry leader in terms of quality and most of all, affordability. At Earth Rated®, we don't leave out the littlest of details - even our rolls' cores and packaging are made from recycled content! Find them here: Also dont forget to check out the Earth Rated® Leash Dispenser that is a convenient holder for all standard-sized rolls and has an adjustable strap that allows it to attach to any size leash. It is the perfect solution to carrying around the dog waste bags on your walks, and your purchase comes with 15 unscented bags! Find them here:
  • How does the subscription work?
    Great question! Select which box size and what subscription you’d like on the Plans & Pricing page. After putting in your info and checking out - then just wait about a week until your first shipment arrives! Your first shipment will include a FREE Pottio Box (whatever size you selected), a fresh piece of Platinum rated grass, and plastic gloves for handling. When your Pottio Box arrives, use the disposable gloves (which come with every new delivery) to unroll the grass onto your tray (if you've purchased one or have your own). Just remember to remove pet solids daily. When your next shipment arrives, put on the gloves to roll up the old grass, place it in a garbage bag and throw it away in the trash. Then unroll the new grass out onto your tray. Voila! A fresh pet potty, as simple as that.
  • How long will the grass stay alive?
    Under normal conditions; with water, light and no dogs present our grass can survive indefinitely. Even if the grass arrives a little "shocked" by shipping in the summer it can easily come back if provided a good environment. Frequency of use by your dog contribute to a shortened life span. Under normal use, with a single dog, we expect the grass to last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Your individual results vary depending on how heavily it’s used (i.e. – frequency of use each day, number of dogs using it, amount of urine, etc). Contrary to popular belief, the color of the grass is not important to your dog. Remember, on a walk your dog will pee on green grass, yellow grass, a pole, a curb, a patch of dirt, etc. If you're concerned the grass is not perfectly green, just remember your dog is color-blind ;)
  • Do I need to water the grass?
    We suggest you only water The Pottio Box as needed because most dogs don't like walking on wet grass! If your dog does not mind or you live in a hotter climate, a little watering will extend the life of the lawn. But please keep in mind (and this is VERY important) that should the grass die for ANY reason your dog will still use it! Only humans care about the grass' color and your dog will continue to use the grass when the color turns and as long as The Pottio Box is not moist and is free of poop!
  • I can’t get my dog to stop digging up the grass. Any suggestions?
    For those playful pups, the grass is a new novelty that gets their curiosity going, which sometimes results in digging and chewing. We suggest that you supervise your dog when using The Pottio Box to continually reinforce positive behavior AND immediately put a stop to any undesired behavior like digging, chewing and snoozing! After a little while, your dog will get the hint and stop digging. We also recommend aviary netting and zip ties as another option to get your dog to stop chewing or digging up the grass until they get trained on how to use it. Simply wrap the grass with the netting and use zip ties to secure it in place. After a couple times of trying unsuccessfully to get at the grass, they should lose interest and stop playing with it.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will still receive the product you’ve already paid for, but your subscription will not be renewed. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS for partial month memberships or unshipped product.
  • I need to cancel my service. What do I need to do?
    We're sorry to see you go! Send a request via email to or give us a call at (480) 616-2211 with the account holder’s name and reason for cancelation. You should then receive a confirmation email with a request number (please save a copy of the confirmation email with the request number as record of your cancellation). You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. If a cancellation request is received AFTER you have been billed for any shipment(s), the shipment(s) for which you have paid will still be delivered. Please note that WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS NOR CREDITS for any pre-paid product. If you have paid for a shipment you no longer wish to receive, we are happy to send your lawn to a friend, family member, or anyone else you think might want to give The Pottio Box a try! To avoid being billed for an additional cycle, please submit your cancellation request at least one business day prior to your bill date. Please note that we do not process cancellations via phone. Please contact us with any questions regarding your next bill date or the cancellation process!
  • My dog loves the grass and uses it frequently. Can I increase my deliveries to every week?
    Absolutely. Email us at the Thursday PRIOR to the week of your next shipment to let us know which dates you would like suspended and we’ll take care of your needs.
  • It's raining, should I cover my Pottio Box?"
    If you keep your grass on a balcony or outdoors, we definitely recommend covering the grass while it rains or moving it inside. Our grass is designed to absorb liquid from your pet and to prevent you from having to do any dirty clean up work. In order for your grass to continue doing its job, we recommend your Pottio Box to stay out of the rain to keep it from being over saturated. Plus, those pups prefer their grass squish-free. Your grass will love you and so will your dog!
  • Does your grass have bugs?
    Every once in a while you may encounter a little critter. This is because our grass is a real, living plant that is grown outdoors. This may generally happen more often during the spring and summer season. If you do see a bug we recommend spraying your grass with an organic solution (put a few drops of dish-washing soap, neem oil or peppermint with water).
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